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Будучи приверженцем культа Шредингера, возможно чаще предаюсь попыткам объяснить профессиональное менее профессиональным чем я сам (в контексте предмета обсуждения) людям. Шредингер был прав - сам начинаешь понимать, о чем говоришь.

Поскольку моя рабочая область пересекает программирование, логику, категории и системный анализ, нередко загребаю туда за примерами на пальцах. Чем чаще загребаю, тем больше удивляюсь, насколько это свойственное образованным программистам пространство понятий плодотворно.

Следует написать отдельный длинный пост. Релиз выкачу - так и сделаю.

One man, no vote

I'm not gonna vote for president this Nov, just as I didn't in 2004, and 2008.

Tl;dr: my vote doesn't matter (and if you're reading this and are eligible to vote, neither does yours), and I don't like being used in a shill.
Afa as the shill, that means I would vote even if my vote only had a symbolic value, but only if the game was fair. It's not.
Details break down as follows.

1. I object to the electoral college. The president is essentially elected by 1 - 2M lower middle class people living in 6 - 8 states, neither of which is California. Given this campaign's spending, each of these people's votes is worth $1-2K. Mine is worth $0, or sufficiently close. Thank you, and fuck you.

2. I object to the US two-party system on the grounds that it doesn't represent me as a theoretical sample voter (as physical Alex Zuzin, I don't find that being represented by a political party is a major concern). For example, I'm pro-reproductive rights, pro-gay marriage, pro-gun rights, pro-financial controls, pro-legal drugs, pro-legal prostitution, pro-lower drinking age, pro-publicly funded healthcare, pro-social safety net, pro-strict separation of church and state, pro-right-to-die. Additionally, I'm
  1. smart enough to realize that taxes will rise no matter what anyone says (which both parties readily admit off the record) 
  2. ditto that healthcare in this country will have to be nationalized for simple demographic reasons
  3. militantly libertarian vis-a-vis the First and Fourth amendments
That makes me in large part a social democrat (and yes, a proud, unrepentant Eurotrash), as well as partially libertarian. Who do you suggest I vote for in this case - the Jackass or the Pachyderm?

3. I also object to the US two-party system on the basis of it generally being bad for this country. I'm aware that a 3+ party system has its own significant drawbacks, starting with Condorcet's Paradox, which tends to leave the majority winners beholden to the minority swing vote. But I'm not claiming a third party would be of political benefit - rather, a cultural one. Two-prong systems polarize. In the US, in the climate of anti-intellectualism, overt religiosity and the cult of Americana, you get a perfect storm, or in the immortal words of Paul Newman, "failure to communicate" (c).

4. Finally, I object - and this goes to the core of my reticence - to what the US liberal democracy has become: a vanity fair of special interests. It was gonna become this all along, as has been well documented as far back as 1835 (see Alexis De Toqueville's Democracy In America), but that doesn't absolve us of having to deal with it. Electoral politics is, today, simply a small part of a larger, permanent program to advance special interests. My (and yours) vote doesn't matter much any more because we're not a revenue item, we're an expense. Yes, the President gets to nominate the Supreme Court judges - a serious concern, given how much of our common law is really made by one swing vote on that bench - and he gets to start wars. But if you wonder why Mr Yes We Can failed to reign in the financial industry that dragged the US (and a large chunk of the world) into an enormous recession - it's not because he's spineless, or a Democrat.

If you vote because you think you're a responsible citizen, your heart may be in the right place, but your hands aren't. Study Washington (there are dozens of sites, dozens of books), and consider that to truly influence politics today, we'll have to figure out how to develop a counter-weight to well-organized special interests. And perhaps vote on Nov 5. If you feel like a walk.

Очаровательная сценка со вчерашнего "шествия" против абортов и пидорасов, собравшего на Арбат цельных 30+ человек.
Плакат про Ленина гадко 3.14здит. Мат-часть: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_abortion

Israeli domain registrars

Люди, кто здесь в курсе о покупке израильских доменных имен? Нужен совет. Пиво с меня. Заранее спасибо.

There are those

who wonder why the recently deceased Michael Jackson (RIP) has hoarded the virtual airwaves at a time when the Iranian uprising should be up front and center-stage. Well - for the same reason most people have no idea which year the Prague Spring occurred, but can fake their way through a karaoke of "While my guitar gently weeps" (both came in 1968).

Music makes people want to change the world way before they are able or wiling to understand the diluted, abstract concepts of freedom, democracy and liberalism. Jackson not only had the copious amounts of talent to make his music with, but star power right next to none, and a simple voice of a child he ever remained to speak it all directly to the 5-year olds in those of us who would yet wish to hear. Whatever one thinks of his personal antiques is irrelevant to the fact that his passing is, in a way, a rite of passage for a generation - he was the first voice with truly global reach, and reach he did.

Voice is power. R&B and New Jack Swing may not be your native idiom, but if you appreciate the Voice in Leonard Cohen yet can't hear another tinge of the same Voice in Jackson, you're not so much sophisticated as simply deaf on one ear. Indeed, it'd be a sad world where Chopin were remembered for his salon activism of the Polish independence rather than the Revolutionary Etude he wrote in its spirit, and images of people fighting their way to freedom with sticks, stones and gasoline cans would be valued higher than 4 mins of music that say the same thing:


наблюдая дискуссию о покойном возможнопедофиле, и вспоминая многие другие похожие подобные обмены мнениями, наблюдаю закономерность и контраст. Русокультурные жители США системно склонны к поляризации и упрощению.

Эх, давненько

я не песал - к лучшему, наверняка.
Москва мила и провинциальна, by default.
Квартирный вопрос царит бессменно, дышать нечем, а пиво хорошее, когда не разведенное, особенно в "Штольне".
Очень порадовали новые вагоны на арбатско-покровской линии метрополитена им. В.И.Ленина - приятно вновь и вновь убеждаться, что своровать дизайн - проблема системная, и методом подковки блохи не решаецо. :)
Жутко рад был видеть всех, кого, несмотря на пандемическую неспособность жителей города справиться с собственным расписанием, удалось таки повидать. Всех остальных буду не менее рад пытаться повидать в след. раз. stariy_kaa , тебя это не касаецо - у тебя уважительная причина. :))
Delta по дороге назад отравила кислыми макаронами с сыром, чем доложила последний соломенка на спина верблюд, и отныне проходит внах.
Меж тем, Жан Сагадеев и David Carradine решили в один и тот-же день повеситься, а в Лос Анджелесе туман и сыро. 
Все обломалось в доме Смешанских.
Жизнь продолжается.



Для товарищей, которых этот вопрос развлекает, я создал нашему чудному поп-рок-коллективу свое собственное ЖЖ коммунити. Туда и буду все про нас песать. Прошу любить, обожать и френдить:
З.Ы. Кому не лень, кросс-постните por favor. Кому лень - не кросс-постите. :)


Понял кой-чаво

никогда не переносил слащаво-любовных песен. Даже хороших (их тыщи и тыщи).
Только что понял почему. Не то, что песни плохие (см. выше, хорошие), но просто не дай бог оказаться в романтической ситуации настолько примитивной, приторной и слащавой, что ее можно выразить хорошей любовной песней. :))


Into every generation there is a *** born

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